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Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

Then, with the constant attacks of the bandeirantes in search of “slaves”, the Jesuits fled the Guairá area…

The Jesuits then settled in the lands of present-day Rio Grande do Sul, on the left bank of the Uruguay River.

Then, in 1626, the first mission was installed in the region of Rio Grande do Sul by the Spanish priest Roque González.

This mission is named after Saint Nicholas of Piratini.

But the constant attacks of the Girl Scouts destroyed with the missions of this region…

And in 1641 the Jesuits fled taking some indigenous people across the Uruguay River in present-day Argentina.

In the escape, the Jesuits left behind much of their livestock, abandoned cattle, reproduced and created a large reserve known as Vacaria do Mar

Only in 1682 did the Jesuits return to the lands of RS and found new settlements known as the Seven Peoples of the Missions.

The Seven Mission Peoples are:

  1. Santo Angelo
  2. St. Nicholas
  3. Sao Borja
  4. Sao Luiz Gonzaga
  5. St. John the Baptist
  6. St. Lawrence
  7. St. Michael the Archangel

The Jesuits lived in peace in this region until the year 1750.